Friday, February 1, 2013


In continuation to the previous post on my work

I’m done – I think I’m left with short time to say the word with an accomplishment behind. But I don’t think so it’s an accomplishment when I’m just done writing the book. It has to be read, analysed and obviously must reach everyone’s heart and that’s when I must call it an accomplishment. For the time being I’d say I’m left with two important chapters to finish the story. If you feel you have time, help me sort out the chaos of life.

Let me show up with an argument. Is there something like love and true love? And another question that baffles me is we attended our schools to study, but why college life doesn’t end with study itself. As an answer its learning – learning the life with experiences that we face and learning from the persons we meet and ultimately learning is everything.  If we treat learning a course, then there will surely be a win or lose situation. Love per se. How many of current generation students take it a part of their life. There’re certain people I’ve come across who say I’d die for my love. I wonder does this sentence “I’d die for my love” is kinda true love? Overlooking the argument love Vs true love let me analyse the sentence. By saying “I’d die for my love” it means to say it for the person who he/she met amidst his/her journey – then how about love for one’s parents? Now I don’t answer that as that’s one’s perception to evaluate the phrase. Moreover I’d add another question to the former one – What about love to yourself? Don’t you love you? Above all its you who did and nurtured love won’t you give that love to yourself? Between, to those who say I love myself there’s a counter description I’ve read somewhere– to those who say I love myself, you can’t cry on your own shoulders and you can’t hug yourself. Life’s all about living for one another.

All these are the questions one would surely come across one day. Well if everything is treated as course as I said earlier, ‘win’ will boost the confidence up and there comes another two option situation. If no?
I pretty well know the discussion above has nothing to learn nor nothing to feel waste of time. I’d end my dialogue by another question and a quote by a famous rapper. 
Question is

Is friendship always true and honest?

And the quote is for those who lose a battle in life – a battle which is a tiny part of life.

You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over analysing a situation trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve would’ve happened or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on...



Bye for now!!

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