Friday, April 5, 2013


"Life has no second chance but there might be pretty numerous second chances in that life"

To my knowledge after making a way out from the innocent, blameless and most happily enjoyable babyhood, everything I came across or every man I came across has never shown a significant effect on my life. Let me PAUSE the subject here and resume it after an update on my work – The Book.

A month ago I mailed to a reputed publisher about my book attaching a sample manuscript from my work. As expected he acknowledged asking for a time of fortnight to check if my work meets their standards of publishing. I was enthusiastically waiting like a typical engineering graduate does wait for his sem results. I must add something here – normally a typical engineering guy never waits for his results so enthusiastically. So I was neither enthusiastic nor ignoring but the usage ‘enthusiastic’ sounds worth for a typical grad as the profundity inside has such capability. And then 15 days later I didn't receive any mail and so I mailed him; to read his reply – ‘we regret to say that we will not be able to publish your book as we think that it’s not up to our standards.’

Hmm! I didn't give a damn about positive or negative thinking but I rather thought that their standards didn't meet my standard and they might be low indeed. This particular perception has a valid proof and you’ll come to know if you had read a ‘shitty’ novel published by them. While driving on express way if you look back and find no vehicle behind you till a mile, you can take it in two ways – “I’m last and every vehicle is ahead of me” and the other “I’m first and the vehicles behind me  should take another mile to reach me”. Now this argument demands the need for positive vs negative thought process. Don’t sigh on my post I’m not gonna go deeper on this because I think you are good enough to analyse that. What next? With a bit more confidence, I mailed to another publisher and awaiting response.

Some good friends have been asking about the book. I tried my best to put synopsis of my work clearly. Here it goes.


(1) This book is mainly targeted to small town engineering students with great aspirations of life and career. I can't understand the phrase "comparative titles available" . If it means the related works; according to my good friends who read my work so far had expressed their views this way - my book explains my story (however names of characters changed) like 'I too had a love story' with apparent inspiration from Chetan Bhagat's writings. 
Let me be frank in this that I haven't read any of them yet.

(2) If it comes to USP, the book starts with a jobless (placed in campus but no joining) graduate searching for a job in a metropolitan city. Certain situations and incidents make him revisit the past in his fantasies. I balanced the explanation by running the past and present in parallel; which can be quoted as a filmy style of writing. 

(3) Synopsis:
· Thoughts and problems of a jobless guy. 
· What made me reminisce the past? 
· And what did I learn from those certain incidents? How my love story made me realize some incredible truths? 
· The difference between the perceptions being a student and being a graduate. 
· Future plans.
· And ultimately a direct and brief but true message.

(4) I completed the book in printed text of 87 A4 pages or 40000 words.


RESUME: Yes there will be pretty numerous second chances in our life that brings significant effect. My second school was unforgettable; my second attempt of writing a book showed it’s positive effect with completion of work; my second week at college paved a way to reach my second girl friend of life who was distinguished. Fate will never leave you option-less but it will surely conceal it at times. Now it’s my second attempt to get my book published.

I love what I do. 


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  2. :) All the best ra..
    i red :p the sample file wch u maild me..
    It was too Good..
    Let me be frank, that I haven't read it completly..
    Bt it was really awsme up to i Went..
    All the very Best mama..

    1. Thanks very much dude.Its all the best wishes from good friends like you made me complete it.